Hi, I’m Alex Tayler.

I’ve been an administrator, coordinator, operations assistant, office manager, project manager and program manager in university, government, and the private sector organizations. I learned my craft as a program administrator juggling multiple projects, tasks, programs and competing demands under demanding schedules. Call me crazy, but I love the administrator role. While it can be hectic, it has exposed me to the inner workings of some complex organizations. Between you and me, we know where the work really gets done.

I’m an avid photographer in my spare time. Getting out and capturing the world as I see it is one of my passions.

Over the years I’ve seen many new administrators struggle and I’ve been able to help a couple along the way. My goal is to provide some tips, tools and strategies that I’ve found useful and provide a forum for you to share your experiences and create solutions that work for you.

Let’s start a conversation…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email using my Contact Page.